04 September 2007

Make life easier with RSS

OK, you're all busy people and haven't got time to check out all these websites to keep abreast of what's new. Understood! So that's what RSS is all about. Get the latest to come to you by using a reader/aggregator. That's how I found all those bits and pieces in my previous post. Oh, and I don't want it all in my email as I get enough of those too.

First of all, what is RSS? Check out RSS in Plain English by Lee and Sachi Le Fever. This really is an explanation for dummies like me. It makes it sound so simple with some very clear instructions on how to set up RSS. Thanks to Nancy White for pointing to it in her Full Circle Online Interaction Blog.

I use Google Reader - it is simple to use and I have it embedded in iGoogle which is set as my browser's home page. That way, when I open my browser, I can see if anyone has been updating their blogs or websites. I can check what they have to say straight away, or I can do it later, but what is important to me is that I can quickly see if there are any updates to read.

More importantly, I can see if any of our Managers in e-Learning participants have been posting to our blog or wiki - check out our Wiki Resources to find out how I did it. This is much easier than visiting the blog and/or wiki daily to see if you have been doing your homework:-)

I found this easy to follow video by Andy Wibbels which shows you how to set up Google Reader .


AnnBrady said...

Hi Val
I am dabbling in the world of RSS. I've set up an account in iGoogle and think I've set up a couple of feeds. One is to this blog. The other day I got an email telling me that Jeremy had replied to my post about Moodle (tks Jeremy). Is that something to do with my RSS or is that something you have set up?

Val Evans said...

Mmmm - I did set up a 'Notify Me' initially for any wiki edits but would have thought that would send emails to only me. Obviously it sends to all members which is interesting.

I was about to delete that option as I have set up RSS in Google Reader to do the same thing and I want to reduce my email. Perhaps I shouldn't yet - thinking, thinking ...