26 September 2007

Mobile Technologies for Learning

Last week Alex Hayes, NSW LearnScope Project Officer, innovator, occasional philosopher and artist, and probably much more (my descriptives and not necessarily Alex's) inspired us with his presentation on Mobile Technologies.
Alex took us through the last two years of the evolution of m-Learning referring to 'the romantic' definition -

“… M-learning is the exciting art of using mobile technologies to enhance the learning experience. Mobile phones, PDAs, Pocket PCs and the Internet can be blended to engage and motivate learners, any time and anywhere. …” (m-learning.org : accessed 22 August 2007)

What was particularly inspiring was how Alex invited users of m-Learning to tell their story with their responses forming the core of the presentation. Responses were international, from the different education sectors, from managers and practitioners, from teachers of literacy and the trades. One response which hit home for me was Graeme Wegner's (Primary School Teacher, e-learning coordinator and edu-blogger):

"M-learning is something that students are doing with or without their teachers. Only if we decide to get involved can we have any impact on that learning. Education can no longer afford to ignore the impact mobile technology has on our students and their lives. If we ask them to switch it off, then we turn off the relevance to the rest of their life………”

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