16 August 2007


Refecting on today's presentation from Clint, it absolutely amazes me that a person of Clints experience still believes that the best way to deliver a presentation is by way of a 60 slide power point presentation. Most slides were far to cluttered, with too much information. You wouldn't do it in any learning situation, not the least when trying to talk about e-learning implementation strategies.

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Val Evans said...

Yes, it was a frustrating experience Graeme although perhaps we shouldn't be too hard on Clint. Presenting in different forums (f2f and online)and using different virtual meeting room software can be challenging to the presenter. What works perfectly in one can fall over in another. That happened to us yesterday. Certainly the ppt was too large for the software and sadly it fell over just as we were getting to the strategic stuff!

One of the things that is challenging for the virtual meeting room presenter is lack of interaction. Clint showed us different ways of including it, but the feedback wasn't always forthcoming. That's because we're all a little unsure of the environment. It will change. I have this vision by the end of the program of the Chat talk going madly while someone is speaking and others writing on the whiteboard. That can really make the virtual meeting room a rich learning experience, and a little more chaotic!