07 August 2007

The proposition

8.00 am, decision time - what was I to do? The weather was cool and drizzling rain fell through winter's city smog. I could catch a bus, call a taxi or walk. I had the time and a jacket to keep me dry, It's only a short journey - so I walked.

The hustle and bustle of a city gearing up for the last day of the working week was in my face as soon as I left the Mercure in George Street. I joined the flow of people and machines whose activities were being largely uncontrolled by the maze of traffic lights. Stress to the max!

The sights, sounds and sickly sweet smell of LPG powered buses mixed with a cocktail of exhaust fumes took hold of my senses. How long could my lungs survive this toxic mix?

I began my small journey towards Barrack Street and Saxons training center.

I became instantly absorbed into the throng of people making their way determinedly on their own city journeys. I became one of the crowd, subconciously wrapping myself in that invisible cloak that people use to protect their personal space when confronted by crowds. However I was not so practiced as the locals.

It wasn't until later when I told of my experience that I understood why I was so visible.

I ran the gauntlet of traffic criss crossing the intersection and as I strode purposefully along the footpath I noticed a woman walking on my left. As I strode past her she quickened her pace to match mine, I slowed my stride as I sensed a purpose in her actions, our eyes met. With practiced ease she removed my invisibility cloak.

"Would you like to spend some time with me ?" she asked.

I was instantly jolted into the real world of city life. I was also curious at the same time. Why me? I faltered for a split as worked out what she wanted. "I'm sorry I don't have the time, I am on my way to a meeting" was my reply. I turned away and continued on my journey with fresh eyes.

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Val Evans said...

WOW Terry - such exciting things happen to strangers in the City but even more exciting is your storytelling - fantastic. What a way with words you have - I felt I was walking the street with you. A novel next??