06 August 2007

This is Craig. I am just checking out the site. It's all very new to me and I have yet to sort out my blog - both what and how, and the rest...
Georgie I am very impresed with your blog and your wonderful art on display. You are obviously very talented. i would do more of that and less of managing AMEP programmes if I were you....Not that there's anything wrong with managing AMEP programmes, nor with your management of them I am sure, but really there's no choice.
As an aside I am having problems with my typing - an overwriting function seems to be on, so how do I get rid of it?? This same problem sometimes happens with my emails and drives me crazy. Any suggestions?
I will endeavour to set up a blog that is worth looking at and I can be proud of, quite an achievement to do this I think.
All for now from me.

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Val Evans said...

Great to hear from your Craig. In regard to overwriting, just turn your [Insert] key on - you can actually toggle it on and off and it either overwrites everything or inserts text.