07 August 2007

First Foray

Hi all

Great to meet everyone on Friday and like Marguerite I'm having my first play in a blog. So far so good!

One of the things I hope to do over the next three months is to set up an online induction program for new tutors at the college (all casuals) using a combination of technologies. It would be great if I could bounce ideas of this group during the process and also really useful to know if anyone already has something like this in place which I could look at. I'm not sure if this is appropriate in this forum - Val please say so if it's not.

Also, I wonder if you could clarify something for me. I know that a blog is an online journal or record of our learning and I know that a wiki is a place to produce a collaborative resource. But, I'm not sure what I should be posting to the wiki. Is it stuff like good links to resources, things to share?



Val Evans said...

Sounds like a great project Ann - quite a big one but with the help of collective minds I am sure you will achieve your goal.

In regard to posting to your wiki - the wiki is our space to collaboratively build a resource together so yes, please add any links to resources, details of your project, key links that would be useful, etc. I have also set up a [Discussion] tab which is just like a forum - you can start a new thread or respond to the thread that has been initiated.

At this stage our wiki can be viewed by anyone but only our team can contribute.

Looking forward to your participation Ann.

AnnBrady said...

Thanks Val