08 August 2007

Tome Peters

Hi all, I am currently listening to an audio book on my Ipod call "Re-imagine" by the American Management Guru Tom Peters. In one of the chapters he talks about IBM and he said that in the 90's IBM internationally spent about half a billion $'s on training. Most of the training was delivered in house in a traditional classrom environment. By 2004 all training at IBM is delivered using e-learning technology to each workers individual computer with a nett saving of billions of $'s.


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Val Evans said...

Interesting forecast Graeme - not sure that it has been achieved though although well on the way. One thing that does always bother me is the linking of e-learning to saving lots of money - while there are savings to be made in bricks and mortar, travel, printing, etc I believe for real learning to take place the key is facilitation, connecting, collaborating and networking. They take time and do have some costs.

I wonder what others think?