31 August 2007

Session 2: e-Learning: Emerging Trends and Issues

It's always interesting when you have two separate groups covering similar topics as is the case with my QLD and NSW Managers in e-Learning LearnScope teams. This week Michael Coghlan from SA presented to our NSW team on e-Learning: Emerging Trends and Issues. He did a similar presentation to our QLD team two weeks ago but this time there seemed to be more interest around the types of e-Learning and the use of open source software.

When Michael presented to the QLD team what resonated most with me was how messy the whole situation was - see my reflections. This time I became more interested in whose responsibility it is to teach or take responsibility and related to Michael's reference to Philip Adams who said:

I'm interested to hear your thoughts. What resonates with you most? Are the AQTF requirements and e-Learning moving closer together or are they mutually exclusive? And whose responsibility is it??

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